hiking in hot weather

Sharing Experience for Hiking in hot weather to save your energy

Joining outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, climbing, cycling … sometimes you have to face severe weather. If you are not well-prepared, or have no experience to handle for such situations that can affect your health, damage the trip schedule as well as reduce your travel passion.

hiking in hot weather

Therefore, It’s essential to learn how to enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy in hot weather. You can follow these tips to make your trip more comfortable:

Planning for trip in advance: choose where and when to go hiking
Choose right Clothes and gear: the right clothes can help you relax
Health care while hiking: protect yourself from sunburn, dehydration, cramps & exhaustion due to extreme heat, heat stroke

Planning Tips for a hiking trip in hot weather

Thinking about when and where you’ll go for hiking. This plan is important steps to plan for a successful trip in hot weather. Let’s explore the seasons for your hiking locations. If you check the weather forcast for hot weather next few days, then just prepare necessary items such as cothes, wide hat, water…

When it’s suitable for hiking in a day?

Avoid the hottest time of the day: the hottest time of the day is usually between at noon from 12pm to 3pm. On scorching hot days, it’s best to avoid this time altogether by starting early and ending your hiking early in the afternoon, or going out after 3pm. If you can’t avoid hiking during the hottest hours, try to plan your trip near the shade or near a body of water during that time. This time is with high radiation level from the sun & it’s not good for your health at all, easy to make you sick.

Hiking at night: if you need to go faster for next destination or keep up the journey, the high temperature may be uncomfortable to you during the day , then hiking at night can be a good choice that bring you with easy feeling.

hiking at night

Best advices for hiking places in hot weather

Shady place: Choosing hiking place with big trees, hiking under the forest or near the rocky walls of a steep canyon, instead of exposing in direct sunlight. That is a good idea avoid sunlight.

Near water: if there is not much shade there, just hiking along the coast of ocean or seaside, lakeside. With hiking near a river, stream; you can dip your hat, shirt or scarf regularly and hang them on your body to keep you cool with the water. And from this place, it’s always windy.

Tips for selecting costumes and hiking equipment in hot weather

Wearing the right clothes for a hiking trip can help you go a long way and keep you comfortable.

Choose light-colored costume: wearing bright colors that reflect the sun’s rays (instead of absorbing them like dark colors) will keep you cool. Look for long hiking shirt, shorts and pants with bright color.

Wear loose with breathable clothing: light, loose, breathable clothing will help your body adjust its temperature. Nylon and polyester are good options.

Cotton is a good choice: cotton is not suitable outdoors because it absorbs much moisture and dries very slowly. This can create an uncomfortable and dangerous situation on humid and / or cold days. But in hot and dry conditions, moisture can be good for your skin, and when it evaporates, it will make you feel cool.

Choose clothes with UPF rating: all clothes have the ability to block the sun rays to a certain extent, but clothes with UPF sun protection index increase protection. Popular indices include UPF 15, UPF 30 and UPF 50+. You can find out more in the article UPF sun protection clothing basics.

What you have to do with exhaustion due to hot weather? 

exhausted form due to overheating temperature will make you tired, headache, dizziness, sometimes thirst …. in this case you need to find a cool place to rest, away from the sun. , find a way to cool down. Need additional cool water, electrolyte, fruit juice. Remember not to shower, or immediately enter an area where the air conditioner is too cold, which can lead to heat shock

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