kayak paddle

How to choose a Kayak paddle & where to buy it

Choose the appropriate kayak paddle will bring you the most wonderful boating feeling. In contrast to the inappropriate paddles, it can make you easy to lose the energy when paddle, affecting your kayak journey with the interest.

kayak paddle

This post, OutdoorTravelPassion would guide you how to select a good kayak paddle

Let’s explore the components of Kayak Paddle

kayak paddle parts


Every Kayak Paddle with: Face (Blade), Shaft… Each part of paddle with different functions. Most design with the best way for using in easy way.

Criteria to buy kayak paddles

The Length of kayak paddle: The length of the kayak paddle ranges from 210cm to 260cm. Appropriate paddle size depends on the type of kayak, the height of the rower and the width of the boat.
Kayaking type

The Blade for Low-angle kayak paddle: is a relaxing form with a slow pace, effective for long rides. The angle of the blade of the paddle is flatter (more horizontal) when entering the water, so the lower-angle paddle blade is often flatter and a bit longer for the high-angle paddle blade.

The Blade for High-angle kayak paddle: is a more powerful type of rowing with a faster pace, which is preferred if you find it important to accelerate and maneuver while traveling underwater. Because then it needs a lot of thrust for each row. This is also a good choice for training your health.

Let’s see this chart for select the best length of kayak paddle


The materials for Kayak Paddle

The fact that the lighter the weight of the paddle is, the easier it will be for kayaking. However, the best paddle is the paddle that brings a balance between weight and strength. Paddle weight is an important factor for kayaking for picnic tours, especially for long trips; In that atmosphere strength is the “key” factor for kayaking.

Glass fiber:

In the mid-range price range, hydrography is a popular material for tourism and leisure kayaks. This material is quite light and has very good durability. In addition, this material gives you a variety of color choices.

Carbon fiber:

Lightweight and easily distinguishable, carbon fiber is the choice for high performance. Despite the higher price, but if you are preparing for a long trip, with thousands of rides, you will have to appreciate the weight is reduced with carbon fiber.

Nylon / Aluminum / Plastic fibers:

These paddles are affordable, durable and require very little care. They play a good role when making rough paddles, and can also be a good choice for beginner kayakers, or recreational kayakers.

Cons for this material: They are relatively heavy, aluminum materials can make you feel cold when used in cool weather.

The design of Kayak Paddle


Paddle divided into 2 types: feathered or nonfeathered. The “nonfeathered” paddle is arranged with 2 oars on the same line and plane. Feathered abrasives are not like that, they are arranged at a certain angle apart.

types of kayak paddle

The main benefit of rotating the paddle blade is to reduce wind resistance and reduce wrist fatigue, because one paddle paddle into the water, the other paddle blade will glide through the wind. These two paddle blades usually rotate at an angle of 30 to 45 °. The smaller the angle, the easier it is for the wrist to work; The wider angle for greater rowing efficiency.

The rotary paddle is designed so that one hand always maintains control. The handle will rotate the handle of the paddle at each turn so that the paddle blade feeds water at the most effective angle. Most waterfall paddles are controlled by right hand. Most travel paddles have a removable handle that allows you to change the handle, change the angle between the paddle blades. Which hand to control depends on personal preference, it is not necessary to define it with your right hand.

Paddle blade shape:

Most paddle blades today have asymmetrical diphtheria.
Unlike the previous symmetrical paddle blades, the asymmetrical design was quite narrow, able to perform more horizontal strokes, which use less energy. The tetrahedron creates a double angle on the surface of the paddle blade, like an airplane wing, allowing water to flow more smoothly and more evenly on both parts of the paddle blade.

The handle of kayak paddle:

Most kayak paddles have a simple straight handle. The curved handle has a special grip position on the handle that makes it easier to angle the paddle, reducing discomfort and fatigue during rowing – especially if you have a shoulder or joint injury.

The paddle handle can be split in half to make it easy to store, even some can be split into 4 parts, making it a good choice for paddles for inflatable kayaks, or spare paddles.

Rolling small diameter paddle will allow the women or any kayakers with small hands that makes it more comfortable to hold.

The handle of the oar has two shapes: an oval and a circle. An oval handle will be more comfortable than a traditional boat. Some paddle handles are circular but there are some oval segments that make it easier for rowers to hold them (oval indexing).

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