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Camping at Sam Houston National Forest

What’s the best places for camping in Texas, USA

The USA is so big with so many beautiful places for outdoor travel. Today, USA people tend to find the places for travelling, view the beauty of USA’s nature. Hiking, Camping, Picnic are the most popular outdoor activities for them. In this post, let’s explore the best places for camping in Texas, USA 1) Sam […]

kayak paddle

How to choose a Kayak paddle & where to buy it

Choose the appropriate kayak paddle will bring you the most wonderful boating feeling. In contrast to the inappropriate paddles, it can make you easy to lose the energy when paddle, affecting your kayak journey with the interest. This post, OutdoorTravelPassion would guide you how to select a good kayak paddle Let’s explore the components of […]

hiking in hot weather

Sharing Experience for Hiking in hot weather to save your energy

Joining outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, climbing, cycling … sometimes you have to face severe weather. If you are not well-prepared, or have no experience to handle for such situations that can affect your health, damage the trip schedule as well as reduce your travel passion. Therefore, It’s essential to learn how to enjoy […]

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